Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Become a Tutor!

Why Can't I get My Placement?

The School Board of Broward County is going through many personnel transitions.  The district offices and individual schools are losing staff, administration and most importantly teachers.   The status of the district impacts the placement process for field experience.  At this time all placements are on-hold.  You will receive a placement for your course(s) but the placements will not be finalized until August when the schools and the district are more stable.

We know this may cause you some stress but we are working very closely with the district to facilitate the placements and will continue to do so.

We will keep you posted on all developments!

Financial Aid Orientation

Does Financial Aid Have Your Head Spinning?!?
These orientations are designed to assist you in the financial aid process, teach you how to navigate the FAFSA and BC F/A websites, and allow you the opportunity to speak to a F/A advisor after the workshop for a question and answer session.  These orientations are strongly recommended for any student pursuing financial aid, and would be appropriate for anyone who has at least filed their FAFSA, but has not yet been awarded.

These sessions will be offered at all three campuses. 
South will be offering our sessions every Wednesday, for the next five weeks, from 5-7 pm, in the testing center. 

North will have Thursday, time TBD, and Central will have Friday, 2-4.

So pick a date and make sure that YOU have you financial aid straight! :-)