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Explore a Great New Resource!

Harry and Rosemary Wong visiting Broward's Central camupus on Thursday, March 24th and shared an abumndance of advice and resources!  Among those resources was, a website fillwed with tips, tricks, and articles!  Harry and Rosemary Wong have been contributing to and have an abundance of great advice for you!

EDUCATORS...Keep Educating...YOURSELVES!!!

Welcome to  the INTERESTING READS page!  Check back for more and more interesting articles for you to read!

A great way to make sure you are knowledgable on the career you are going into is to stay up to date on what is happening in the field!

We have added an "Interesting Reads" section to the blog so that we can share interesting events or articles that come up about education. 
Our first article is :  The Next Generation of Teachers