Thursday, January 19, 2012

Geodesic Domes: Maximizing Student Potential through Project Based Learning

     During the Fall 2011 term, Dr. Mitzi Fulwood and her MAE3941 math practicum students explored the concept of Project-Based Learning with Geodesic Domes. The students explored the question: Why would anyone, anywhere, want to live in a geodesic dome?
     Student Jose Rivera describes the project, “The Geodesic Dome project is one of the best projects the middle and secondary mathematics curriculum has to offer TEP students. We researched the history, advantages, disadvantages, and identified places throughout the entire globe that have geodesic dome structures. The project was correlated with the STEM initiative in efforts to maximize student potential using project-based learning. We created a personal geodesic dome in groups of two to three and then constructed a dome with a diameter of 14 feet. The project has inspired me to implement it with my students during student teaching! Thank you Dr. Fulwood!”
     Watch the video to see the MAE3941 students in action!!

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