Friday, February 15, 2013

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This site has a variety of educational career positions listed and teaching certification help. You can even search for specific jobs in the area.

Education Jobs

It takes a unique and dedicated spirit to work in education. For the right person, this is the kind of career that can fill a desire to do meaningful work in the world. There is now a lot more choice in education jobs than there was in the past, meaning there is a wider variety of job titles in today’s education.
Education jobs run the gamut from classroom teachers to online advisors to teacher-trainers. The one constant in education jobs is the prevalence of postgraduate degrees among successful professionals in the field. It is impossible to teach a subject without first attaining mastery in the field. The extra education and investment required can lead to increased compensation and job security.

Teachers must choose whether they will work in primary, secondary, or postsecondary education. Primary school teachers must attain expertise in human development and learn how to deliver instruction in unique and universal ways. Secondary school teachers also deal with development issues, but must master their content knowledge more completely. Those working in postsecondary education work with students that have been in school for a long time, and they usually know how to study and acquire knowledge. Educators must be experts in their field and be able to analyze their students’ understanding of difficult, but vital, material.
Education Jobs Search Tips
Classroom teachers are the frontline workers of the education industry. Many school districts and private institutions are increasingly requiring educational benchmarks for teachers. Some states require teachers to pass a standardized test about content and human development. Teachers must constantly improve their education through certification, postsecondary credits, and master’s degrees, in order to keep up with industry standards. Many jobs come with a good deal of security, including tenure, and solid benefits that range from vacation to retirement.

Support staff completes much of the work done in modern education. Some of them are even more highly educated, such as learning specialists and school administrators. Many positions are open to entry level workers that may improve their status through professional development. Classroom assistants, online tutors, and teaching assistants do a lot of the administrative work that makes education possible. Administrative workers make up a significant amount of education professionals and represent an important job sector.

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